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0x00 - What is E Nigma Technologies?

E Nigma Technologies (E) is a services company focused in the fintech, identity, and blockchain industry, able to increase the reach and growth of any tech company, ranging from startups to enterprises.

By relying on multiple years of experience, E can produce technical content and proofs-of-concept using your project (proprietary or open-source) alongside state-of-the-art technology to demonstrate various use-cases, showcasing its value to everyone.

our story.

0x01 - Who is E?

Founded by Web Engineer and Cryptography enthusiast Jose Aguinaga, E has over 8+ years of experience, working for clients and companies across the world in cities like Zurich, San Francisco, Mexico City, Vancouver and Bali.

Along his entire career, Jose has been involved in the Fintech & Blockchain industries, developing proof-of-concept and experiments, writing articles and presenting at conferences. By 2017, Jose had given talks at Code Europe in Poland, JsDay in Italy, and GDG in Ukraine.

Along his career, Jose has worked for companies like Plaid Inc, Numbrs AG, MyBit AG, and Validity Labs AG, growing as a software engineer, while bridging the needs of consumers and clients.

As of May of 2020, Jose is the Head of Engineering of HOPR Services AG, developing the HOPR protocol, a layer-0 privacy foundation for anyone to #buidl on, while building and writing for E on a weekly basis.

what we do.

0x02 - What does E do?

E provides development advocacy focused in the web, identity, fintech, and blockchain ecosystem for startups and enterprises.

To do so, E evaluates software (open or propietary), creates demos (PoC), and writes technical guides, docs, or blog posts.



499 EUR per demo

Proofs of Concept (Demos)

Using your technology, E creates a web hosted demo which enables people to visualize your project and get familiar with its usage before trying it.

We provide you with an open-source version of the demo, with instructions on how to run the application, requirements and needs.


349 EUR per article

Technical Writing as a Service

After digesting your product, we create an easy-to- read guide or guest post in your blog, showcasing the benefits and its usage to any entry-level developers.

We provide you with a .md document alongside useful diagrams, code snippets and images supporting a use-case for your technology.

developer relations made simpler than ever.


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E Nigma Technologies
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