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0x00 - What is E Nigma Technologies?

E Nigma Technologies (E) is a blockchain consultancy company for any organization or institution looking to enhance and/or benefit their infrastructure with decentralized solutions.

Leveraging their multiple years in the financial, security and cryptography industry, E has built an ecosystem of services around crypto-technologies.

our story.

0x01 - Who is E?

E was founded by Jose Perez Aguinaga, Web Engineer and Cryptography enthusiast with over 8+ years in the fintech industry, focusing in the development of wealth management applications, and security oriented services. Over his career, Jose has worked in multiple cities across the world like Zurich, San Francisco, Mexico City, Vancouver and Bali, supporting financial startups while building technology and leading teams.

In 2016, Jose starts to get involved in the Blockchain ecosystem, developing a series of proof-of-concept experiments that soon became workshops across the world. By 2017, Jose has already spoken in events like Code Europe in Poland, JsDay in Italy, and Google’s Developer Group conference in Ukraine. By 2018, Jose becomes the CTO & Board Member of MyBit AG, a Swiss blockchain company working in wealth redistribution through Ethereum Smart Contracts.

As of July of 2019, Jose is currently the Technical Lead of Validity Labs AG, a Swiss Blockchain-solutions provider, developing Ethereum powered sofware applications.

what we do.

0x02 - What does E do?

E provides services focused in the software engineering, blockchain consulting and project administration.

Additionally, E has developed products to increase the productivity of their clients and overall growth of the crypto-community.



Decentralised Encrypted PDF File Sharing

Mekhane is a web application where anyone can upload a PDF file which would then be encrypted with a symmetric triple-cipher password and hosted into the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).


Multilevel Password Sharing

Fractus is a web application where any text-based secret can be split into a series of emojis that can then be shared to any individual. The emojis do not reveal any information about the secret, and can be used to restore the secret given specific rules defined by the secret owner.

blockchain consultancy made simpler than ever.



Project Management

Grow your ideas

We identify your product requirements and translate into technical documents. Furthermore, we coordinate your team or bring our own to develop the project.

Proof-of-Concept Development

Feel your ideas

We develop functional prototypes that are able to showcase what a presentation can not. Our developers can ensure your project is more than a series of promises.


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E Nigma Technologies
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